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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

SLB Vaccinations

Dear all,
Year 9 learners will be having their SLB vaccinations on Friday 27th March.
Any learners who haven’t returned a form yet will need to pick up a form from reception after 3pm today and must be returned either on ARD or Friday morning at the latest to reception.
Please remind learners they will need to wear a vest or top under their school shirt as the nurses will need access to both arms for their vaccination.
10 learners who will be picked up during Pd1-
Georgia Leigh Brooks
The rest of year 9 will follow the rota below, students will be collected a class at a time and returned to lessons asap to minimise disruption to learning.
It is hoped that all 9X will be completed by the end of Pd3, therefore we will then start collecting 9Y.
Pd2- 9X- PE
Pd3- 9X- Maths
Pd3- 9Y- Sc
Pd4- 9Y- En
Mrs Nelson

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